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ASJCC Events – A Year in Brief

Despite having no building for 10 months the ASJCC managed to maintain a full schedule of events. Below is a brief summary of the highlights, which as you can see cover a whole range of activities. Services continued throughout the year at the Bon Accord Management Suite while the synagogue was out of action. We have met with MPs, MSPs, the Lord Pro-vost, Councillors, and other organisations, as well as attending interfaith meetings.

Activities to mark Jewish festivals, including our regular Purim megillah reading (led with great panache by Rabbi Rose from Edinburgh) and a communal Passover seder night. Our regular bookclub, which focuses on books with a Jewish connection, runs every 6-8 weeks during term-time. Hebrew language lessons are also ongoing. Visits from a number of organisations/ individuals (eg schools, scouts’ groups) We held a wonderful weekend of events to mark the reopening and rededication of the synagogue. Those attending included three rabbis, a number of representatives from our local Christian communities (including Bishop Hugh Gilbert), and local councillors.

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