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Newsletter No. 11

ASJCC NEWSLETTER NO. 11 04.06.20 Scottish charity No. SC46585 Hello Everyone. We are through yet another week of lockdown. I hope that you are all managing to keep well and healthy. We know we cannot open the Shul until Scotland enters Stage 3 of the recovery process. Even in Stage 3 there will be people in the Community who are vulnerable and will not be able to come to the Synagogue because of the need to maintain social distancing. I am working with the Shul Committee to develop how our reopening plan. This will be based on advice from the Scottish Government as well as using information provided by the SCoJeC and the United Synagogue. As we are developing these plans I will contact members and associate members to discuss the plan for opening and alternatives i.e. video conferencing. Thank you . Hilary ASJCC coffee morning. We will be holding a coffee morning via Google Meet at 10.30 am on Saturday 13th of June. To save on admin please let Mark know if you wish to join this meeting and he will send you the link: . If you receive a link, please do not share. Fundraising We are still thinking of ways to fundraise. One suggestion has been to produce a Kosher cookbook, details yet to be finalised. Please let us know what you think. Sarah Bronzite is giving a talk as part of the JCC Learning for All Spring Programme via Zoom. Topic: Me Too, Sexual Assault in the Torah Time: Jul 8, 2020 07:30. Please contact Sarah for more details. We have so far managed to raise, with the help of SCoJeC, around £4,000 via the 3 authors talks. Obviously we need to raise a lot more over the coming months. We still have considerable debts to pay. Can I remind anyone who has not paid membership to please do so. Watch this space We are hoping to hold another fund-raising effort in July. Further details will follow. Useful telephone numbers NHS Scotland COVID 19 helpline – 0800 015 2816 HMRC – 0800 015 9559 Universal Credit – 0800 328 5644 Scot. Govt. Business helpline – 0800 303 0660 Citizens Advice Bureau – 0800 028 1032 Aberdeenshire Council General Enquiries – 03456 08 12 08 Aberdeenshire Council Education Facilities – 03456 08 12 02.

Support during Covid 19 lockdown

Please again, if anyone needs help during this time, for food shopping,

medicine collection etc please let me know on:

We do have several volunteers who are waiting to help you.

Basement Flat

We no longer have a tenant in the basement flat and are looking for a new tenant. If you know of anyone who is looking for somewhere to live, please contact Mark Taylor at to discuss. We do need the income from this flat to keep us afloat.

Do you know anyone in the Jewish community whose earnings have been directly affected by the COVID 19 crisis? Or is that your situation?

The closing date for application is 14th June.

Grants are available for people who are ineligible for Government support or who face delays accessing Government e.g. artists, performers, self-employed people who don't have three years of accounts, people who only just started a new job so aren't eligible for furlough, small businesses that aren't eligible for the grants for those leasing small premises.

The details about eligibility for the fund are at:

and the application form is at

‘Resource’ is reaching out to the whole Jewish Community. They offer free advice and help to unemployed people, through a variety of resources:


SCoJec have a lot of resources on their website; there is a mini website inside which is dedicated to Covid-19. It has useful links to many different services, synagogue services, arts groups, coffee mornings, and other. Please use this resource

See SCoJeC’s Lockdown info website here

Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation

There will be a coffee morning on Sunday 21 June held by Edinburgh, it is open to all. This event is designed to bring Jewish people together from all over Scotland (and possibly some from further afield!). If you have a personal story linked to an artefact that you'd like to share, please email a photo of it to by Sunday 14th June

Register at: for further information email

Scottish Youth

If you'd like to receive updates about all the amazing programmes going on in the Glasgow community and beyond, email to sign up for a weekly event newsletter!

Lockdown Project

Please remember that the Scottish Jewish Archives Centre have got a Lockdown Project. They want people to share ‘your immigration story’, ‘your Calderwood memories’ and ‘your lockdown experience from a Jewish point of view’. This can be emailed to or posted to the Scottish Jewish Archives Centre at Garnethill Synagogue, 129 Hill Street, Glasgow G3 6UB. For more info see:

Jewish Small Communities Network (JSCN)

JSCN are holding coffee mornings, through Zoom.


Drop in and share a coffee and a chat with people in small Communities around the country.

Shake out the cobwebs and have a coffee with some new friends in the JSCN Coffee Break every Tuesday.

JSCN 11am Coffee Break each TUESDAY for 1 hour:

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Chief Rabbi

The Chief Rabbi has sent his D’Var Torah and this can be found on our website under the Covid 19 information.


There are a lot of scams going round.

The Crime Reduction Officer has supplied the following links to the latest Trading Standards Scam Share Bulletin. This is a fantastic resource with a wealth of information including the latest Covid 19 phone scams, fake online stores and advice on working from home.

Feel free to circulate to colleagues, friends and family.

NHS Track and Trace

NHS Test and Trace Security Advice

With the introduction of the new NHS Test and Trace service, there is an increased potential for scammers to exploit this new process and uncertainty. It is feared that fraudsters will pretend to be from the NHS to con people into handing over personal details. Contact tracing works by asking people who have tested positive for the virus to share the details of others who they have been in contact with who could have caught it from them. How the real contract tracing process works

If you have coronavirus symptoms you can get tested. If your test is positive you’ll be contacted by the NHS by text, email or phone.

The NHS Test and Trace service will subsequently only get in touch with you for one of the following two reasons:

1 You’ve tested positive for the virus

If you test positive for the virus, you’ll be contacted within a week of taking the test. Genuine texts, calls or emails from the NHS service won’t ask you for any personal details upfront.

You’ll be given a unique ID number to log in to the NHS Test and Trace website. The only official web address for the NHS Test and Trace service is:

Once logged in you will need to enter personal information and those of people you have been in contact with. You won’t be asked to share this information upfront over a call or text, so if someone is asking you for it directly, they’re probably a scammer.

If you get a call about testing positive for coronavirus, but you haven’t taken a test in the past week or have never taken a coronavirus test, then the call isn’t real.

2 You’ve been in contact with someone else who has tested positive for the virus The NHS will also contact you if someone else who has tested positive for the virus has been in close contact with you. You’ll be asked to self-isolate for 14 days.

You’ll be given advice on how to do this, what symptoms you should look out for and what to do if you develop the illness.

You won’t be asked for any other personal details or payment information in this kind of call or message. And, crucially, you won’t be asked to pass on the details of anyone you’ve been in contact with either.

This is because unless you have tested positive or developed symptoms, there is no need to notify anyone you’ve been in touch with at this stage.

It’s a red flag if you’re asked to hand over this information to a caller or by replying to a message.

Check the caller or sender’s details

The NHS Test and Trace service will only be contacting people by phone, text message or email.

Calls and texts will come from one verified NHS number: 0300 013 5000.

Calls from any other numbers, or from a withheld number, should be treated as fake.

The NHS will NEVER

ask for bank details or payments

ask for details of any other accounts, such as social media

ask you to set up a password or PIN number over the phone

ask you to call a premium rate number, such as those starting 09 or 087

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