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Newsletter No 9

ASJCC NEWSLETTER NO. 9 22.05.20 Scottish charity No. SC46585

Hello Everyone.

I hope that you all managing to keep well and healthy. If you have anything you want included in the newsletter please let me know Hilary


We still need to develop more ways to fundraise. Please let me know how you can help.

We have so far managed to raise, with the help of SCoJeC, approx £3,000.00 via the 3 authors talks. We have also received many kind donations directly to the Shul.

The building work was halted during the lockdown but is nearly complete.

As I said above we still need to raise money and we will have to do so for a few years to repay our debts. See info below on the basement flat.

Basement Flat

We no longer have a tenant in the basement flat and are looking for a new tenant. If you know of anyone who is looking for somewhere to live, please contact Mark Taylor at to discuss. We do need the income from this flat to keep us afloat.

Useful telephone numbers

NHS Scotland COVID 19 helpline – 0800 015 2816

HMRC – 0800 015 9559

Universal Credit – 0800 328 5644

Scot. Govt. Business helpline –

0800 303 0660

Citizens Advice Bureau –

0800 028 1032

Aberdeenshire Council General Enquiries – 03456 08 12 08

Aberdeenshire Council Education Facilities – 03456 08 12 02.

Support during Covid 19 lockdown

Please again, if anyone needs help during this time, for food shopping,

medicine collection etc please let me know on:

We do have several volunteers who are waiting to help you.

Do you know anyone in the Jewish community whose earnings have been directly affected by the COVID 19 crisis? Or is that your situation?

Grants are available for people who are ineligible for Government support or who face delays accessing Government e.g. artists, performers, self-employed people who don't have three years of accounts, people who only just started a new job so aren't eligible for furlough, small businesses that aren't eligible for the grants for those leasing small premises.

The details about eligibility for the fund are at:

and the application form is at:

‘Resource’ is reaching out to the whole Jewish Community. They offer free advice and help to unemployed people, through a variety of resources:


The Minister for Faith joined the JLC's Chair for a discussion on the Covid-19 recovery. They spoke about the process for reopening synagogues, children returning to schools and when marriages may be possible again. This interview was originally part of Hampstead Garden Synagogue's Norrice Lea TV.


SCoJeC have a lot of resources on their website; there is a mini website inside which is dedicated to Covid-19. It has useful links to many different services, synagogue services, arts groups, coffee mornings etc. Please use this resource –

Rabbi Rose

Rabbi Rose is working on a learning program for erev Shavuot. He is also running services; there is a virtual Kabbalat Shabbat at 19.15 every Friday, a Shavuot activity for the children on 26/05 at 14.00. EHC have a coffee morning every Sunday at 11.00. For more info contact:

Jewish Small Communities Network (JSCN)

JSCN radio:

JSCN podcasts:

JSCN are holding coffee mornings, through Zoom, at 11am every TUESDAY for 1 hour:

May 26, 2020 11:00 AM

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Chief Rabbi

We will soon have come to the end of counting the Omer and will be celebrating Shavuot.

Join the Chief Rabbi and Rabbi Lord Sacks this Sunday (24th May) for ‘A life of Vertical and Horizontal Responsibility: Shavuot During the Corona Virus Pandemic”. This will be live streamed on Facebook and YouTube from 3.30pm to 4.30pm:

The Chief Rabbi’s D’Var Torah can be found on our website under the Covid 19 information:


Check out ‘the Nosher’ for a selection of cheesecake recipes for Shavuot

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